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On-grid solar is a system that not only allows you to utilize the energy generated by the system but also sells the excess created energy back to the electricity company. These systems are ideal for residential properties, community and public buildings, businesses and schools since they offer the security or backup of still being connected to the power grid.

Off-Grid Solar is a system in which Photovoltaic modules functions to store energy and utilize whenever there is a power failure. This adds another layer of investment and maintenance to the system, inflating the initial and running costs to some extent. However, it gives the consumer the edge of minimum dependency on the grid and a sense of self-sufficiency.

Pair your electric vehicle charging system with rooftop solar. It is a great combined energy solution. It will reduce our pollution. It can be either mobile solar charging systems that include the rooftop solar panels used for charging the batteries of an electric vehicle or fixed solar powered charging installation that includes direct charging installations/devices available at EV charging stations.

A hybrid system works by using solar PV power during the day with excess power used to charge your batteries for later use at night. The hybrid solar unit is an additional inverter that takes your solar PV, mains, batteries and optional generator combines and stabilises it all into one.

Microgrid is a small-scale power grid that can operate independently or collaboratively with other small power grids. This strategy allows integrating solar resources to provide redundancy for essential services and make the main-grid less dependent.

PWR PLNT Innovations offers the most reliable solar lights for Home Garden and outdoor. All our Solar led lamps are built with high quality, waterproof and customized products which will make your house and landscape areas colorful and bring perfect ambiance.

PWR PLNT Innovations is an expert in designing, installing and maintenance of solar street lights. These lights are specially designed for illuminating streets and localities and are available at affordable prices. We offer the complete assembly including solar module, LED, battery, pole and all necessary accessories.